Monster Madness: Creature #29

Jabba’s Rancor

Star Wars: Episode Six-Return Of The Jedi

I know a lot of my creatures stem from Star Wars, but they are so creative and memorable they deserve attention and love.  I don’t think anyone will argue the creepy Rancor lingering underneath Jabba’s gangster palace that he sent dancers or even Jedi that angered him to face their doom with through a concealed trap door.  The giant monster had slimy skin, and horrid claws, and even though it feels like Luke may be less of a whining bitch at this point, it’s still a very tense early scene in the movie.  Even his keeper Malakili loved him in spite of his monstrous activities.  The creativity of it’s death is probably what really adds the wow factor to the film and as a kid was one of the things that made “ROTJ” my favorite movie.

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